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Improve your practical play in Middlegame


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ISBN 9789492510310
Manufacturer Thinkers Publishing
Author/s Alexey Dreev
Pages 208 Page
Publication Date Jul 1, 2018
Notation Type FAN – Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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This book is devoted to typical methods of play in the middlegame.

This topic, of course, is not new. Many books have been written on it at different times by authors old

and modern. Unfortunately, the content of such books is not always error-free, as I have experienced

many times. Therefore the emphasis in my book is on the quality of the examples; all of them have been

checked and are deeply analyzed.

When writing a book, many authors try to make an impression by choosing the most striking games and

fragments. The reader may therefore get the impression that a game of chess consists only of beautiful

moves, combinations, spectacular sacrifices and non-standard solutions. Of course, it does not. There is

a lot of beauty in chess, but usually most games consist of ‘work in progress’. There are lots of examples

of such ‘working’ games in this book, but beauty is also present.

Of course, the format of the book does not permit coverage of all the methods of play in the middlegame.

However, the book has enough material to get acquainted with the most important ones, and, with the

help of exercises, to understand the meaning of these methods and learn how to use them in practice.

I hope that after reading this book the reader will increase his or her knowledge of the typical and not-so-

typical methods of play in the middlegame, become familiar with ideas of non-standard solutions to

practical problems arising during the game and be able to apply this knowledge in his or her own games.

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