Winning Chess Middlegames – Volume 2

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Winning Chess Middlegames – Volume 2


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This new volume covers a dozen topical structures including various pawn formations in the flexible Ruy Lopez, Italian and Petroff openings.
Publication date:  January 30, 2024
Number of pages: 284
Publisher:               New In Chess
Weight:                     534 gram
 ISBN:                        9789083382722

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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Winning Chess Middlegames – Volume 2 Have you ever wondered why it takes grandmasters just seconds to see what’s happening in a chess position? It’s all about pawn structures, as Ivan Sokolov explained in his groundbreaking book Winning Chess Middlegames.

An Essential Guide to 1.e4 Pawn Structures

In his 2010 bestseller, Grandmaster Sokolov focused on structures arising from 1.d4 openings; in this new companion guide, 1.e4 players get their turn. This new volume covers a dozen topical structures including various pawn formations in the flexible Ruy Lopez, Italian and Petroff openings.

Ivan Sokolov

But also Black’s doubled f-pawn in the Rauzer Sicilian, the notorious Maroczy Bind, the mysterious Hedgehog, the versatile Sveshnikov and the paradoxical French Winawer. Deeply analysed top-level games illustrate the motifs in all these structures.

Club players who study Winning Chess Middlegames 1.e4 or 1.d4 will:

  • significantly improve their middlegame skills
  • develop an accurate sense of which positions suit their style
  • gain new strategic and practical knowledge of openings

Winning Chess Middlegames

Ivan Sokolov’s analysis is profound but accessible, and he doesn’t take anything for granted. As reviewer Sean Marsh wrote of the first volume: “The lucid and informative explanations convey a large amount of genuine Grandmasterly wisdom. This is easily one of the best middlegame books of recent times.”

Volume 2

Ivan Sokolov is a top grandmaster who was born in Bosnia and lives in the Netherlands. He is a former Yugoslav and Dutch Champion and has beaten World Champions Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand. As a coach, he led Uzbekistan to victory at the 2022 Chennai Olympiad. Sokolov has written a dozen highly acclaimed books.

Unless you have a pro like Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov (peak 2706 FIDE) to figure it out for you.

Sokolov was a former top 12 player and a two-time Dutch champion, who bested six World Champions in classical chess.

But perhaps most important of all, he spent decades organizing his know-how into a guide on…

Winning Chess Middlegames




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