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Understanding Queen Endgames


Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

by Karsten Müller & Yakov Konoval

Foreword by Vladimir Kramnik

272 pages

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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Knowing the abilities and limitations of the powerful queen is very valuable for mastering the secrets of

the royal game, and this can be studied best in the endgame.

Queen endgames are very difficult, if only for purely mathematical reasons – the queen is the most

mobile peace in chess, and the amount of possible options is incomparably higher than in any other type

of endgames.

This book follows a dual philosophy as in the three previous works by the same authors: Understanding

Rook Endgames, Understanding Minor Piece Endgames and Understanding Rook vs. Minor Piece

Endgames. The 7-piece endings are dealt with in great detail. They are often so complex that pre-

tablebase analysis almost always contains errors. Many new discoveries are revealed here.

But to really understand the fight of a queen against a queen or minor pieces with rooks, these

theoretical positions are of course not enough. So subchapters on the principles of each material

configuration have been added.


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