The Modernized Ruy Lopez


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The Modernized Ruy Lopez “The Ruy Lopez is such a classic opening that never gets old.

Regardless of what you already knew about this opening, there are always new ideas to be found

and tested over the board. That is why this book is beneficial to chess players and enthusiasts at all

levels, including top Grand Masters like myself. Reading the first volume of this book has been

inspiring, as I feel that I have broadened my chess knowledge in certain variations. I am eagerly

waiting to try Dariusz’s solid recommendations in my future games, and I look forward to the

second volume of his series. Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Ruy

Lopez.” ~ Le Quang Liem

Dariusz Swiercz

– The Modernized Ruy Lopez – Volume 1

– A Complete Repertoire for White

– ISBN 9789464201031– 520 pages.



Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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The Modernized Ruy Lopez When I decided to write a book on the Ruy Lopez, covering a entire

repertoire for White, I initially did not realize the volume of work that lay ahead of me. I have played the

Ruy Lopez for many years with both colors and believed that I have good knowledge about this opening.

I thought that armed with my knowledge I could easily write a book about it. Nothing could be further

from the truth! While writing this book, I discovered that the number of resources and lines that Black

has here is astonishing. To provide very good material that would satisfy not only the reader, but also

myself, I decided to cover the entire opening in two volumes.


The Modernized Ruy Lopez The first volume includes three parts. The first part is about Black’s

alternatives to the modern major lines. Even though they are not as frequent as lines that I cover in

subsequent chapters or volumes, I believe that it is good to know what to do in less popular variations

too. After all, why would we study only (say) the Berlin Defense, leaving our opponents able to surprise

us with the sharp Schliemann Variation? From a practical point of view, such a line would be very hard

to face over the board from both chess and psychological perspectives. Basic knowledge of sidelines is

therefore important.


The second part I devote to the extremely solid Berlin Defense. The Modernized Ruy Lopez  The amount

of theory in this opening has grown exponentially in recent years, as basically all the top players go for it

with at least one color. I will try to shed some light on this complex line and try to show different ways in

which White can try to get an advantage out of the opening.

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