The Complete Manual of Positional Chess-Volume 1: The Russian Chess School 2.0


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Por Konstantin Landa, Konstantin Sakaev.

  • Editorial: New in Chess
  • ISBN: 9789056916824
  • Páginas: 320
  • Dimensiones: 170 mm. x 235 mm.
  • Idiomas:
  • Fecha de la edición: 2016

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The Complete Manual of Positional Chess-Volume 1: The Russian Chess School 2.0 – Opening and Middlegame Russia boasts a long and rich tradition in chess education, and Russian chess teachers and trainers are simply the best in the world.

The Complete Manual of Positional Chess, probably the most thorough grounding in the history of teaching chess, was recently created for chess teachers at the DYSS, the special sports school for young talents in Russia.

Konstantin Sakaev and Konstantin Landa present a complete set of instructions and tips for trainers and self-improvers. You will learn not only how to enhance your fundamental knowledge and technical skills, but also how to work on your physical and psychological conditioning.

You are handed basic and advanced tools to improve in a wide array of areas:
— quick development and fighting for the centre in the opening
— clean calculation and decision-making in the middlegame
— tackling your fear of disturbing the material balance, and, last but not least:
— how to restrict the role the chess computer plays in your life.

If you complete Sakaev and Landa’s course you will be able to assess virtually any chess position you are confronted with. With its all-encompassing approach this ground-breaking book allows everyone to reap the fruits of the long tradition of instructive excellence in Russia.

Konstantin Sakaev is a Grandmaster and a former Russian Champion. He won Olympiad gold in 1998 and 2000 with the Russian team and has assisted World Champion Vladimir Kramnik as his second. Konstantin Landa is a Russian Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer.

CHESS Magazine (UK):
“A complete course for both the chess trainer and the keen pupil.”





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