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Small Steps to Giant Improvement


Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

by Sam Shankland

Available only in paperback

ISBN: 978-1-78483-051-9

– 336 pages – Published (hardcover) 28th March 2018

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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In chess you cannot take your move back, but you can always return a misplaced piece to its former

square at the cost of some time. Pawns on the other hand can never move backwards, making pawn

moves truly permanent decisions.

This irreversibility makes Pawn Play among the most difficult aspects of chess strategy, which is one

reason few books have been written about this topic – and some that have are almost incomprehensible.

Double Olympiad gold medallist Sam Shankland has gone the other way – breaking down the principles

of Pawn Play to basic, easily understandable guidelines every chess player should know. Shankland starts

with extremely simple examples, but then lifts the level, illustrating the universality of the book’s

guidelines by showing how grandmasters could have made better decisions by using them.


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