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Key Concepts of Chess – 1 – The Hedgehog


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Key Concepts of Chess – 1 – The Hedgehog!

The second reason for putting this book together is that the hedgehog system is special to me. After

my first introduction, I immediately became “hooked” on this trench work. Attempting a breakout

at an unexpected moment after hiding patiently on your first three ranks appealed to me. What I

did not get around to with the ‘Sicilian Hedgehog’, of course, are the positions that arise from

various other openings, including the flank openings and variants from, for example, the Queen’s

Indian and the Nimzo Indian. ~ Herman Grooten

– ISBN 9789464201253

– 200 pages.

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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I decided to make a list of middlegame topics that I came across in the books on openings that perhaps

could be better, or at least elaborated further on. As a chess trainer, I was always constructing teaching

material on the middle game. This was initially intended for the top youth in the Netherlands, whom I

often took under my wing. Given the high level of many of these youth players, I had to look for striking,

well crystallized examples and corresponding processing. On the one hand these were tactical

assignments, strategic tasks, blind exercises; on the other, positions that they could play out among

themselves or in a simultaneous game against the trainer, after which the game fragments were analyzed

together. Later my activities shifted more and more to the growing group of club chess players who also

needed chess training. In the past forty odd years I have developed training materials on several levels

that may be of interest to club level players worldwide. That is why I decided to put these kinds of topics

into book form as well. Although some of these topics have also been the subject of books, I hope to add

value with a clear structure and a sophisticated selection of instructive examples.


The subject of this first book is the hedgehog system. This is for two reasons. When I was working on my

book ‘Understanding before Moving’ Volume 3- Part 2, the Taimanov, Kan & Richter Rauzer, I could

not avoid also cobbling together a separate chapter on the hedgehog System. Because of the length of the

chapter and in order not to lapse into lengthy explanations I limited myself to what was purely necessary.

However, because of that, certain elements were left out.

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