Keep It Simple 1.e4 – 2.0


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Keep It Simple 1.e4 – 2.0 Coach Christof has thoroughly revised and updated his 2018 best-selling chess opening manual.

Publication date:   November 02, 2023
Number of pages:  632
Publisher:                Chessable
Weight:                     1300 gram
ISBN:                        9789083328447

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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Keep It Simple 1.e4 – 2.0

A Rich and Dynamic Chess Opening Repertoire for White

Keep It Simple 1.e4 – 2.0 Coach Christof has thoroughly revised and updated his 2018 best-selling chess opening manual. It covers everything you need to know when opening with 1.e4. You will get a complete White chess opening repertoire.

 International Master


Why is this opening repertoire called simple? For the simple reason that the variations are easy to remember and require little or no maintenance.

Christof Sielecki

International Master Christof Sielecki has created a hit series with his reliable opening lines for chess players of almost all levels. He developed this repertoire by working with students looking for something easy to understand and learn. Sielecki always clearly explains the plans and counter plans and keeps you focused on the position’s requirements. Ambitious players rated 1500 or higher will benefit from studying this extremely accessible book.

Repertoire for White

Skip the endless memorization. Skip the crazy theoretical lines that may never actually appear in your games. Keep it simple with robust, practical lines you can play against any defense for the win.

That’s the award-winning formula International Master Christof Sielecki is bringing back in this installment of his popular Keep It Simple series.

This time, he’s going back to the king’s pawn opening, recommending completely different lines than his original Keep It Simple: 1.e4 – giving you a complete White repertoire in less than 400 trainable lines.

More Fight, Less Memorization

And while his original 1.e4 repertoire was super solid, this one offers a rich, dynamic alternative that offers even more fight while keeping true to the Keep It Simple philosophy.


Christof Sielecki is an International Master from Germany. He has taught and trained chess for many years and runs a popular YouTube channel called ChessExplained. He won numerous awards with his course on Chessable and has created three volumes of the Keep it Simple opening manuals.


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