Grandmaster Training Camp 1-Calculation!

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Grandmaster Training Camp 1-Calculation!


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Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation!

Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation! offers you a unique chance to participate in a training camp with Super-GM Sam Shankland, as he works through 300 problems set to him by his long-time trainer. Sam shares what he saw, what he did not see, and what he thinks about the problems and the skills needed to solve them.

Publication date: February 22, 2023

Number of pages: 356

Publisher: Quality Chess U.K.

Weight: 580 gram

ISBN:  9781784831882


Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation! offers a unique chance to train with Super-GM Sam Shankland. Additionally, he solves 300 problems assigned by his long-time trainer.

Moreover, Sam shares his observations and insightful thoughts on problem-solving skills. The Grandmaster Training Camp 1  is divided into six topics, accessible to club players and challenging for grandmasters.

GM Sam Shankland is the 2018 US Champion and won gold medals at the 2016 Olympiad and 2014 World Cup. He played as Board 1 for the US in the World Team Championship and competed in prestigious tournaments.

Samuel Shankland’s remarkable performance at the FIDE World Cup 2021 showcases his dominance. Defeating strong opponents, he stands close to eliminating Sergey Karjakin.

This surge in Sam’s prowess is the result of years of dedicated work with trainer Jacob Aagaard. Uncovering the key elements behind his success is our aim.

Sam Shankland’s exceptional form at the FIDE World Cup 2021 impresses with victories over strong opponents. He triumphed in the Classical time control, except against Areshchenko.

This outstanding performance comes as no surprise to his long-time trainer, Jacob Aagaard, who has unwavering belief in Sam’s abilities.

The book starts with an overview of key symbols used. Additionally, it includes a preface and introduction to set the context.

Moving on to the content, Chapter 1 delves into tactics, while Chapter 2 focuses on candidates.

Furthermore, Chapter 3 explores combinations, and Chapter 4 delves into endgames.

Shifting our attention to defensive strategies, Chapter 5 covers various defense techniques. Moreover, Chapter 6 delves into the realm of deep calculation.

To complement the book, Chapter 7 provides comprehensive solutions to the exercises presented throughout.

Lastly, Chapter 8 serves as a conclusion, summarizing the key points discussed in the book.





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