Double Fianchetto – The Ultimate Workbook

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Double Fianchetto – The Ultimate Workbook


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 Double Fianchetto – The Ultimate Workbook

But let me now explain the idea of this second book. I will show you some 18 games with the  more or less current trends in the double fianchetto. These games include some openings like the Tarrasch and the King’s Indian, just to name a few. Daniel Hausrath

– ISBN 9789464201345

– 352 pages.

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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Double Fianchetto – The Ultimate Workbook I have to admit that I had not planned to start

writing again so soon after the publication of the first book, but as everybody knows the world went

into the Corona pandemic which completely changed everybody’s life.


After many years without playing online I began to play some online blitz on a regular basis, just to

have some practice. Normally I would have played some tournaments, but at the moment of writing,

nobody can say when we can start playing regular tournament chess again. Of course online chess

cannot replace over-the-board chess, but it is definitely better than nothing.


The main part of the book is divided into exercises and solutions, with 110 positions taken from

double fianchetto games. I have divided the exercises into chapters, with each chapter featuring

games by players who have deployed the double fianchetto quite often. You will find a lot of typical

motifs used by these players.


Double Fianchetto – The Ultimate Workbook


The difficulty level ranges from very easy through to very tough, but I won’t give points for the

solutions. The ideas vary from tactics to important strategic subtleties. The reader decides how

honestly he or she tries to solve these exercises. It is also not necessary to solve all of them, but it is

definitely important to think about these positions and take your time. The reader should gain an

impression of the many ideas and structures which are possible in the double fianchetto positions.


Sometimes you will find the complete games in the solutions section, but sometimes you will only

find the most important moves up to a certain point, because the rest would be irrelevant to the topic.

In some solutions I also give the first moves, because I guess that it would be very interesting to know

which move order was played to reach the positions in question.




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