Chess Calculation Training, Volume 2: Endgames


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Chess Calculation Training, Volume 2: Endgames The problems in the book are accessible to players with a level from modest to confident. The most difficult ones are marked with an asterisk, while the most challenging chapter comes with a help page, that you may check when necessary.

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Chess Calculation Training, Volume 2: Endgames This book focuses on endgames. There are a lot of
things to learn “by heart” about them — but they are often difficult to apply at the board, unless you
get exactly the same position as you studied. This is why I believe it is an interesting approach to
present an endgames book as a series of exercises, with instructive but practical positions.


As in Volume 1, a lot of calculation will be required. The major difference between middlegame and
endgame training is, of course, the limited material on the board. This means the patterns you
discover in training are much more likely to appear in your games — so you should try to imprint
them somewhere in your memory!

Romain Edouard 

Chess Calculation Training, Volume 2: Endgames With ordinary tactics, the purpose of exercises is
almost solely to improve your calculation skills. Solving the exercises of this book will help the reader
improve on his endgame knowledge and understanding as well. There is a lot to learn from studying
each solution, even if you failed to find it yourself; this is why answers here are even more detailed
than in Volume One. Nevertheless, the solutions are always concrete».
The concept is unusual but effective. I tried it this way every evening for a week, doing 3 or 4 easy
puzzles before attempting some harder ones, and it worked beautifully. Edouard clearly invested a lot
of time in selecting the examples. All in all, an enjoyable book of exercises that put me in a good
mood for playing GM Matthew Sadler, New In Chess Magazine 05/2017 – 4 stars rated.
Edouard’s book is an advanced workbook for the ambitious improver.

Romain Edouard

Grandmaster Romain Edouard is a world class player and member of the French national team. He
has won many prestigious tournaments including the Al Ain Open 2012, Dubai Open 2014, World
Open 2015 and Montreal Open 2015. He was the second of ex-World Champion V.Topalov and now
more recent of the number 2 in the FIDE ranking, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

«Welcome to the 2nd volume of my “Chess Calculation Training” series!


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