A Complete Repertoire for Black after 1.e4-e5!


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Yuriy Krykun 

A Complete Repertoire for Black after 1.e4-e5! 

280 pages 

ISBN 9789492510846.

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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One of the important issues players face – both relatively inexperienced ones at the beginning of their

career as well as seasoned ones as they realize their chess craves change – is choosing an opening


As a player and a coach, I have seen many approaches to this question, both remarkable and mistaken.

Some players believe that the opening is something to ignore, that everything is decided in the

middlegame. Others think that studying opening traps is what wins games.

Some tend to follow their favourite world-class player’s recommendations, while others like to sidestep

well-known opening theory early on, preferring unpopular side-lines.

To me, opening choice is about all those decisions. I think that many openings are good; there are some

dubious ones, but they can also yield formidable results overall or in specific situations if chosen and

handled carefully.

I firmly believe that your opening repertoire should mostly be based on your playing style and other

personal traits, such as memory and work ethic. It is important to evaluate yourself as well as your

strengths and weaknesses properly in order to be able to build the right repertoire that would not only

suit you well, but also improve your overall chess.

The little detail, though, is in the word “mostly”. Namely, I firmly believe that there are a few classical,

rock-solid openings with an impeccable reputation, such as 1.e4 e5 as a response to 1.e4 or the Queen’s

Gambit and Nimzo as an answer to 1.d4 that players of all styles and standards should try, no matter

what their style is. This will enable players to learn, appreciate and practice some of the key chess values,

such as the importance of space, lack of weaknesses, bad pieces, and comfortable development and so on

– you name it.

I, myself, started out as a keen Sicilian player. Just like all youngsters, I cheerfully enjoyed

complications, tactical massacres and everything else that the Sicilian is all about.

However, as I was developing as a player, my style was changing also. Eventually, I realized I was much

more successful with positional play, so it was time to change the outfit – and 1.e4 e5 suited me well.

I have used this move as a response to 1.e4 nearly exclusively in recent years, both versus weaker and

stronger opposition, with fantastic results. If only other openings would grant me such results as well!

I have not only studied these variations myself but have also shown them to numerous private students.

To be frank, we have almost always concentrated on White’s most dangerous possibilities, such as the

Ruy Lopez, Italian and Scotch. Occasionally, we have also analysed the side-lines – either as a part of

preparation for specific opponents or to make sure my students become more universal players and gain

more all-round knowledge.

Eventually, I realized that the knowledge I gained from 1.e4 e5 can and should be shared with more

players, and this is how my book came to life. Of course, the readers will differ, so there is a no “one-size-

fits-all” solution. But, I have carefully and diligently tried to achieve the same goal I used when working

with my students: to keep my recommendations both theoretically sound as well as practical and accessible.

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