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The new Opening Encyclopaedia 2020 is ideal for your opening training. Whether you want to build a solid opening repertoire or whether you are looking for new ideas for your repertoire: A huge pool of opening ideas and high-quality analyses is waiting for you.

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All novelties at a glance:

  • Opening Encyclopedia 2020 Professional opening analyses by Grandmasters and International Masters: the new edition includes more than 1,160 opening articles.
  • New in the Opening Encyclopaedia 2020: Opening tutorials with introductions to all openings – beginners get to know the openings, advanced players get an orientation.
  • 230 new opening surveys by Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik. All in all the Opening Encyclopedia offers 6,888 surveys.
  • A database with all 38,700 games from all opening articles, including all illustrative games.
  • Refined structure of the menu, the openings are sorted by name for fast and easy access.
  • 40 videos with a total run-time of more than 14 hours by the most popular ChessBase authors.


Ideas for your repertoire: 1.160 professional opening analyses by Grandmasters and International Masters!

You will receive over 1,160 opening articles from Grandmasters and International Masters on all established opening variations, all sorted by name under the menu item “Ideas for your repertoire”! On top of that, the Encyclopaedia also offers you systematic access to all articles through the “ECO-List”.

High-quality analyses raise your opening skills to master and grandmaster level. The articles cover the entire range of openings and always pick up on current and new ideas!

You can find your favourite opening easily and quickly in the menu! For example, the Opening Encyclopaedia offers you 44 informative articles on the Najdorf Variation:

Opening Encyclopedia 2020 

Opening Encyclopedia 2020

Each opening article contains selected illustrative games in which the authors explain typical plans and the most important lines and show how these are effectively applied in practice.

Opening Encyclopedia 2020 

Opening Encyclopedia 2020

In the new edition 2020 the number of opening articles by our masters has increased – there are 70 new opening articles compared to the previous year. The menu structure “Ideas for your repertoire” provides improved access: Under the main categories “Open Games”, “Semi-Open Games”, “Closed Games”, “Semi-Closed Games”, “English Opening and Réti” as well as “Flank Openings” you will find all articles classified by opening names.

New: Go on a journey of discovery: Tutorials for all established openings

What openings are there actually? What is the right opening for me? The opening tutorials briefly introduce you to all established openings and helps you to find your favourites:


Learn from the masters: 40 training videos by the most popular ChessBase authors

Find inspiration for your own openings with 40 high-level opening presentations in video format. Now new: All videos sorted in the video menu, plus 20 videos more than in the last issue. The most popular ChessBase authors commentate: Daniel King, Simon Williams, Mihail Marin, Erwin l’Ami, Yannick Pelletier, and many more (total run-time: 14 hours).

Opening Encyclopedia 2020 

Opening Encyclopedia 2020


Quick overview about the current state of chess theory: 230 new opening surveys!

Get an overview of the current state of chess theory. For the Opening Encyclopaedia 2020 Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik has created 230 new opening surveys! In total the Opening Encyclopaedia 2020 includes 6,888 surveys!




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