Mastering Complex Endgames


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ISBN 9789492510112
Manufacturer Thinkers Publishing
Author/s Adrian Mikhalchishin, Oleg Stetsko
Pages 412
Publication Date Jul 1, 2017
Notation Type FAN – Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback

Hay existencias (puede reservarse)

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“There are many great endgame books on the market, and almost all of them deal with the kind of
technical positions which closely resemble theoretical ones. Transferring complex and complicated
endgames into theoretical positions is often what we need to do in chess, and for this we use various
methods such as making the right exchanges, improving the King’s position, exploiting the power of a
passed pawn, and so on.
Nowadays, we usually play endgames with 30 seconds increment, and this forces us to improve our
mastery of theoretical positions as well as our knowledge of the methods required in complex endgames.
This book by my friends IGM Adrian Mikhalchishin and IM Oleg Stetsko addresses the techniques and
methods required to deal with complex endgames. This is quite a vast and important area, and I am
confident that it will set the tone for many more books on the subject.
The Russian original, issued in 2012, was enthusiastically welcomed by Russian spea k ing trainers and
amateurs alike. As a resu lt, I k now t hat even strong players will find very useful and exciting material in
this book, for practical as well as educational purposes.
IGM Aleksander Beliavsky”.


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