Chess Camp 4

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Chess Camp 4


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Chess Camp 4 Igor Sukhin has been using the game of chess for more than two decades to teach children. His books have been selected repeatedly as recommended reading by the Russian Department of Education.

Author: Igor Sukhin
Date/Format: December 2011 Hardcover
Content: 116 Pages
ISBN: 978-1936277278



Hay existencias

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Chess Camp 4 is a new training system for beginning chessplayers, and for the parents and coaches

who teach them. Starting with simple problems to illustrate key concepts, and then progressing to more

complex positions, the student will learn by doing, methodically integrating new information with

previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board.

Chess Camp 4  In this fourth volume, Elementary Endgames, the student will: 1) learn how to

deliver fundamental checkmates such as a king and a rook against a lone king; 2) discover how to avoid

stalemating the opposing king, and how to induce stalemate when threatened with checkmate; and 3)

develop not only an understanding of concepts such as passed pawns and king opposition, but also a

sense of confidence in the final phase of the game.

Elementary Endgames.

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